What To Do Before You Call Light Duty Roadside Assistance?

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Light Duty Roadside Assistance NYC

Vehicles just break down. Perhaps you are involved in an accident or something just goes wrong mechanically, it is always a sinking feeling to find yourself stuck in the middle of the road.

The best way to get back on the road is to hire a towing service that provides light duty roadside assistance and resolves the issue. Whether you are stuck in the middle of the road because of diesel shortage or just have mechanical issues, you might need the help of an emergency light duty towing and recovery service from your local tow truck company.

But before you consider calling an emergency roadside assistance, mentioned below are things you need to keep in mind in order to ensure your safety and that your vehicle gets the utmost care.

Move Your Vehicle To Safety: One of the first things and perhaps the most essential thing you should do is to get it off the road safely. Not only is it dangerous, but it is also a big concern to other drivers on the road who are passing by. Hence, it is highly recommended that you park your vehicle in a safe spot until the towing company arrives. Pullover as far-right, unless there’s a hill or a curve, to get away from incoming traffic. The goal should be to move to your right and put your hazard lights on to warn other drivers.

Keep Your Vehicle Secure: Once your vehicle is off the road and into a safe location, make sure that you secure it so that it doesn’t go off moving on its own. Nevertheless, this is something which can be avoided but is often overlooked. In order to do this, you need to move your steering wheel all the way to the road shoulder and immediately put the emergency brake on.

Alert Other Drivers: As mentioned before, we should not only take care of our safety but of others as well. Once the car has been broken down, turn the hazard lights on immediately so that other drivers on the road can be careful.
By doing these extra steps, you’ll be maximizing your and your car’s safety and making your vehicle much more noticeable.

These are some of the tips you should follow before calling light-duty roadside assistance. Make sure you follow them and get on the road as quickly as possible.