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Tow Truck Service in New YorkThe aftermath of an accident can leave your vehicle damaged and immobile. Sometimes, a vehicle can get stranded in the middle of the road which can be quite inconvenient. When you face such issue, the best way to handle it is to hire a tow truck service in New York.

What Is A Tow Truck Service?
The tow truck service is a recovery vehicle dispatched by the towing company to the vehicles that get damaged in the accident to transport them to the repair shop. A tow truck helps move the improperly parked, disposed of vehicles from one place to other.

When Should You Hire A Tow Truck Service?
Collisions are inevitable for the drivers. They can happen anytime, anywhere. Make sure that after the collision your vehicle is safe to drive. Sometimes, the vehicle looks drivable but you should confirm with the local authorities about the condition of the vehicle.

If your vehicle is safe, then you can drive it to the repair shop, otherwise, the best option would be to call the two service to take your vehicle to the nearest repair point.

Water Level In Your Car Engine: The water level in your engine should be up to the required level. As the result of the accident, the engine can get overheated. If you are unsure about what is wrong with your car, or if you cannot get hold of a mechanic nearby, it would be considered wise to call for a tow truck services.

Even with a rental, you can take help from tow truck services to transport the vehicle back to the company.

Out Of Gasoline: This is something that happens to everyone. But if this happens somewhere there is no petrol station, in an isolated area. Running out of gas happens normally to the best of drivers. In case there is no help nearby, don’t hesitate to call the tow truck service.

Towing and Recovery NYCInflated Tyre: The towing services can provide you assistance with that. If you get an inflated tyre¬†and don’t know how to change a tyre, then it is best if you call the tow services. They can assist you in that matter.

What To Do when Your Vehicle Is Damaged?
Accidents are common occurrences in new York. So what told if your vehicle dies in the middle of traffic or a highway.

After you call a tow service, what should you do while they are on the way? Below are some measures you must take while waiting for the tow truck service to arrive to ensure your safety:

Try Getting The Vehicle Off The Road: If your vehicle is stranded in the middle of the road, it is essential that you try to get it on the side as some other vehicle might accidentally collide.
However, if the road has a lot of traffic or if you are on the highway, then it is advisable to stay inside the vehicle. Pull the car to the side of the road and turn on the emergency lights on.

Flash Distress Signal: You can let other passerby drivers notice your condition, in case they can help. You can place the road flares fifty feet behind your car if you have them. Raising the hood of your car is also a great way to show to the passersby that you are having car trouble.

Avoid Auto Repair If You Aren’t Experienced: If you have never changed a tire, and don’t know much about the vehicle parts, then it is best to leave it alone till your towing company comes.

If you have some knowledge you can check battery cable or something light like that, but don’t try complicated things on your own, stranded on the highway.

Collect all the important paperwork for your records. Make sure to ask the towing company to give you the invoice for everything, including towing fees and other additional charges. Double check the information and get printed invoice, where the vehicle will be taken.