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Lowboy transportation services in Brooklyn is used commonly for hauling heavy machinery and equipment, including bulldozers, excavators, and other construction machines. The lowboy trailer is considered best for hauling heavy and oversized equipment that usually exceed weight-height restrictions.

The maximum weight for a lowboy of two axles is 40,000 pounds which can be increased to 80,000 pounds according to the number of axles a lowboy has. Loads and cargo up to fourteen meters height can be hauled by a lowboy trailer. Oversized goods can be transported with ease using a lowboy.

Below mentioned are some of the tips for heavy hauling you should keep in mind before beginning the transportation for the cargo:

Regulatory Requirements:
You should know the regulatory requirements of every state since they can differ geographically. Better avoid unnecessary breaking of rules or incurring tickets when it can be avoided with precaution. Also, take help of someone who knows the route to plan your journey or you can map it online to facilitate the whole process.

Securing The Cargo:
Don’t skimp on the details of the what you need to do in order to lock the heavy load. Depending on the haul, you need to decide whether you need wedges and checks, or tie downs for the load. The cargo should be locked in a place so that it doesn’t fall off or get damaged.

Recheck Everything:
Make sure that everything is loaded and that nothing is left behind. After the load arrives, check if the load is in the right condition.

Blinkers are used to warn the motorists and other people traveling on the road about the heavy haul. This way they can steer clear of the vehicle in case the cargo unloads and causes an accident.

Avoid Overspeeding:
It is a common law of heavy load hauling to never drive above the speed limit. Ask the driver to drive under limit lest it causes irreparable damage to the load or causes fatal accidents for people on road.

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Transportation of heavy load can be really dangerous as there is a certain risk involved with this process. If the load is not secured properly, then it can end up rolling on the other vehicles. Some final guidelines for you to consider while loading the cargo:

The loading area should have good lighting and the transporting cargo should be away from the passing vehicles.

The area where the haul is to be placed should be a plain and firm area without some obstructions or uneven surface that might cause the load to fall away.

The vehicle should be inspected properly to make sure that it is in good form and its reflectors, horns, and lights are working well.

The parts of the vehicles such as power take-off. Chained drives or exposed pipes should have guards for protection purpose.

Clean the loose materials off the lowboy such as any junk or materials lying around such as bins, cables, or crates and dispose them before loading the cargo.

Before starting loading, make certain that the brakes are applied so the vehicle doesn’t move with the motion of loading the heavy machinery over the lowboy.

The cargo that extends beyond three feet of the vehicle body should be marked with a red flag.

For logs and pipes that are more than twenty-seven feet long, use minimum four binders with equal spacing.

You can keep the small things covered in a tarp and tied with straps or ropes or secure them in a toolbox.

Loading and unloading is an important aspect of the heavy haul transport. Therefore, all the cautions must be taken while doing this procedure.