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Medium Duty Towing and Recovery

Everyone understands how troublesome automobile troubles can turn out to be. In such situations getting assistance from service providers on whom you can bank upon can really make a big, big difference. Towing and recovery services in your nearby locations can offer you the must needed assistance in a timely manner when you find yourself in trouble.

Towing & Recovery companies provide all the roadside service you need. From simple recovery to helping your damaged car reach your desired destination, you need a service provider you can effortlessly count on. Attempting to drive a damaged car can be more like flirting with danger. A towing service provider can offer assistance by towing your car to a nearby garage where you can get your vehicle repaired, solving your problem in a timely manner.

Towing and recovery trucks are of three types, namely light, medium and heavy-duty tow trucks, each having certain specific features and usability. In this article, we will study about the towing and recovery needs of medium-duty vehicles.

Medium duty towing and recovery trucks

Due to its small size, the medium duty tow truck can be effortlessly maneuvered and, therefore, it can be used to easily recover vehicles stuck within very confined space.

How It Works

Equipped with an ultramodern wheel-system design, these trucks are specialized to eliminate all tow trucks and vehicle contact, other than the rubber on vehicle’ tire. Such trucks can lift a vehicle off the surface by securing either the front or the rear pair of wheels, which can then be suspended freely in the air. The remaining two wheels can be left in contact with the ground, which gives towing assistance to the vehicle during transportation.

Medium duty towing services NY

Which Vehicles Require Medium-Duty?

The medium duty towing trucks prove crucial due to their superior maneuverability and, therefore, they can be used for services a wide array of vehicles, such as:

Commercial breakdown assistance
One-ton vehicles, utility trucks, and box trucks
Cut-away vehicles, such as shuttles, buses, and delivery trucks
Large ball hitch trailers
Recreational or camper vehicle towing
Class C motorhomes
Small fleet vehicle towing, including FedEx or UPS
Delivery truck towing, including bread trucks or walk-ins

Medium duty towing and recovery services may be used for providing the following services:

Winch Out
Pulling automobiles, farm equipment, and light vehicles, or other containers, vessels or automobile out of a spot or other ditches were a vehicle might be stuck
Pick & drops
Stabilize trucks & automobiles
Pull trucks & automobiles over embankments
Water recovery from rivers, streams, and lakes for equipment, trucks, and automobiles
Off road recovery
Broken down automotive vehicles
Medium duty Roadside Repair
Roll over trucks & automobiles