“It doesn’t get any worse than being stuck in bad winter weather with a broken down truck when you are trying to get your deliveries completed. My front right tire was blown out and I got stuck in freezing weather with no one to help me out during the Christmas season, when it is absolutely imperative that I get my deliveries done on time. It would have been a very tough situation if it wasn’t for Jets Towing service. Once I called them up and explained my situation their recovery team made their way to my location immediately. I strongly recommend their services to everyone in the area.”
– Erik C. (FedEx Driver)


“Our used car lot always uses the services of Jets Towing, either to move vehicles from location to location or to recommend to our customers. There is no vehicle that these guys are incapable of towing. The have the best trucks and are really a reliable company of professionals who you can depend on to get the job done. No other company in the area has the expertise of Jets Towing, we recommend them to everyone.”
-Major World


“At Premier Ford Lincoln we consistently use Jets Towing to help us transport vehicles from location to location. We use them to move vehicles to our large service center, and can always count on them to get the job done in a timely fashion. From time to time we also need machinery delivered to our location after maintenance, Jets Towing helps us for these purposes too. Jets is a great company to work with and they really know what they are doing when it comes to transporting vehicles and machinery. We have a long term association with Jets Towing now and to be honest they have always surpassed our expectations in the past and continue to do after years of working with them. They provide 24/7 service that makes them incredibly easy to work with. It makes running our business much easier knowing that we can rely on Jets Towing.”
– Premier Ford Lincoln