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Heavy Duty Truck Towing And Repair Services NY

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”- William Shakespeare

As Shakespeare said, better to act early before it is too late. Following an accident or a fender bender, there is a chance that you might not get enough time to contact a referral to tow your truck, but it is prudent for you to choose the right heavy duty towing & truck repair services in NYC.

It is essential to ensure that the company you call should have all the advanced equipment and technology to safely transport your vehicle from the scene to a repair shop.

Doing some research on what to do when you are in some kind of situation with your vehicle stuck in the middle of a road or a ditch can go a long way in ensuring that you prevent a lot of hassle in the later stage.


Following are some benchmarks you should check for hiring a towing and repair company for a heavy-duty vehicle:

Reputation Matters!
As cliche it might sound, reputation is the key if you want to select the right company for towing and repair. Good reputation ensures that you go for only well experienced and trusted companies.

Be straightforward and ask the company about their pricing policy and procedures. Save their contact information for future reference. You can never guess when an emergency arrives!

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Don’t Forget To Check Credentials
Certified towing and repair companies always are very open about showing off their credentials. You can ask them for their:

Federal department of transportation ID number
License number
Insurance certificate

These credential go a long way in proving that a company is a certified one and if some issue were to arise later, then insurance can cover the charges.

Take Pictures Of The Wreck Scene:
Taking pictures of the vehicle and the wrecking scene goes a long way in serving as documentation of the accident and the damage that was caused to the vehicle.

Take pictures from digital camera or a cell phone, whichever is available at the moment. If any unforeseen damage is done at a later stage, during the towing process, the photographs can be utilized as a proof of the vehicle’s earlier condition.

Closer To Your Location:
It would be a lot more time-saving and convenient if the towing and repair company was near the destination where you were stranded. If you are looking for the future reference, then check out the companies that fall near the route you take regularly.

This will also help in saving additional charges of mileage the towing company would charge while transporting the vehicle. When you get stranded, make certain that you tell them the exact location with landmarks and street signs.

Even better would be to use the GPS on your phone to track down your exact location and inform them off faster arrival.

Mode Of Payment
Be clear about the mode of payment your towing and repair company accepts. If they don’t accept debit or credit card, then it would be wise enough to keep a cash book or some cash at hand.

Tow Truck Configuration:
Understand the configurations of the tow truck provided by the company. Ask them about the model and year of their tow truck, maintenance given to the truck, and tow equipment used by the company.

Fine Print Of Paperwork
Pay attention to the fine print of the paperwork. Read carefully the terms and conditions and price they charge. Sign only after you have gone through everything on the paperwork.

Make sure you collect a receipt of the invoice as well. Having a copy of the bill would appease your mind of their honesty and transparency.

With proactive research, you can call a towing and repair company promptly if any such situation arises in future.