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Do you own a vehicle? If yes, then you might have already experienced a vehicle breakdown or may experience it at some point in your life. However, roadside breakdowns happen when you least expect them. Whether your vehicle breaks down on the road, in a parking lot, or even in your garage, calling the nearest tow truck professional is the best option to get your vehicle to an auto repair shop or your home.

Although it is a professional’s job to know which type of tow truck service is suitable for your vehicle, you should also be familiar with the same. There are various tow truck services for roadside recovery, such as a flatbed truck service, rotator services, and wheel lift towing services. And each one is designed for different towing purposes and provide specific benefits. You just need to determine the most suitable option for you.

Experts, at Jets Towing, explain some of the most popular methods used for roadside assistance and recovery services.

Rotator Services – Be it a crippled car or a vehicle turned upside down, rotator tow truck services are ideal for such scenarios. Rotator tow trucks are heavy recovery equipment that are specially designed to handle serious accidents, semi upright and turning rolled over construction vehicles. Rotator tow trucks also come with equipment that are helpful in pulling vehicles out of dangerous situations, including stuck in deep mud or hanging from a ledge.

Wheel Lift Towing Services – This is one of the most common methods used for roadside recovery, and you might have seen cars rescued from the roadside using wheel lift towing. As the name suggests, the wheel lift towing truck picks up the car using its wheels. Gone are the days when chains were used to wrap around the axle of a vehicle for lifting the car, which should be done carefully to avoid further damage to your car.

However, today, most of the towing companies have trucks that come with specialized hydraulic dolly systems. These provide support to the vehicle at the tires, which prevent any damages. Usually, the support is provided to a car with the yoke on the drive tires.

Flatbed Tow Truck Services – Some situations or a specific type of vehicle may require extra precautions during the process of roadside recovery. For example, some cars have a low undercarriage, which may increase the chances of damage with a wheel lift towing services. Or your car may be all-wheel drive, and by using a wheel lift method, you may cause damage to the transmission. This is where flatbed tow trucks play their role. They come with a specialized system which allows a portion of the bed to lower so that the vehicle can be easily loaded onto the flatbed. Once your vehicle is transferred to the flatbed truck, it is secured properly and transported to the auto repair shop. In this method, the towed car never touches the ground. Hence, it is the perfect towing method for long distance tows.

Whether your car broke down in a parking lot or dangling over the ledge or fell into a deep pit, it is important to know that there are appropriate methods available to deal with even the worst roadside situation.

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