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Has someone parked a car in your driveway?

You woke up in the morning and saw that a vehicle is parked in your driveway, which makes you angry. This parking has become an obstacle for other vehicles. Such owners are ignorant and deliberately park their vehicles anywhere, blocking the driveway. You are asking the neighbours about the car owner and unable to find him. Following the below mentioned steps to get the car removed from your area:

  • Negotiate with the person directly: You can ask the neighbours if they saw the person who parked the car in your area. You can leave a note for him, “Don’t park the car in my area” and paste it on the car’s window. In case you find the car owner, try to do the following things:
  1. Having a word with him regarding the same in a polite way as yelling and shouting will make things worse.
  2. Stay calm while addressing the issue.

If they refuse to park their car elsewhere despite repeated requests, you can call the blocked driveway towing services at the time of distress.
There are a few other things you can do to get rid of the vehicle parked in your driveway.

  • Call the police: There are times when the car owner refuses to abide by your instructions. You have to take the ball in hand and give a call to the police. You can hire a towing truck by placing a call to the blocked driveway towing services in your area. Ensure that the criminal charges aren’t pressed on you if the towing service has damaged the vehicle. You can call the cops, and they will hand over the ticket and tow the car. You have to bear the towing fee, and the owner is expected to pay the storage fee.
  • Put up the signs: The best possible way to prevent illegal parking in your driveway is by placing the “NO PARKING” sign. By seeing this sign, people may not park their cars in your driveway. There is nothing better than having proper signs on your driveway instead of getting into unwanted hassles.


When you hire towing services to get rid of the car blocking your driveway, you don’t have to worry about the cost. The towing charges will be levied on the car owner by the blocked driveway towing services.