Don’t Let Any Blocked Driveways In NYC Ruin Your Day!

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Imagine coming home after a long day at work, only to see a stranger’s car or vehicle parked in front of YOUR personal driveway. How would that make you feel? Or, perhaps you’re running a business, and you notice someone’s car or vehicle is blocking a driveway or loading area. Wouldn’t that slow down the productivity of your day to day operations? This is why Having experienced towing professionals like the experts here at Jets Towing can help you immensely. Jets Towing knows how to tow any vehicle out of YOUR private driveway, and we provide our customers with the best blocked driveway towing services in NYC.

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Here at Jets Towing, our professionals are all highly trained and have years of experience with providing quality blocked driveway towing services in NY. If you own any type of driveway, garage, or parking lot, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the frustration of dealing with a blocked driveway. Unfortunately, blocked driveways are a very common problem here in New York City. While it may not seem like such a big deal to the person blocking your driveway at the time, it likely is a much bigger deal (and inconvenience) to you! This is especially the case when it’s your driveway that’s being blocked.When you find yourself in this situation, it becomes even more imperative that you contact the towing experts here at Jets Towing in NYC.

Did You Know?
According to the information and statistics gathered by ParkingTickets.Org, “It is always illegal to block or park in front of a public or private driveway in NYC. Parking in front of a driveway will land you a $95 parking ticket. Once you receive a ticket, property owners may call a private company to tow your car. You will be responsible for all towing related charges and fees in addition to your parking ticket. You may only park in front of a driveway if you are a tenant or owner of the building that has the driveway in question and your car’s registration matches the property address.” Remember, you have the right to get ANY car towed from your own private driveway. The law is on your side, and whenever you’re in need of a quality blocked driveway towing services in New York, you can always depend on Jets Towing.

Please Keep This In Mind As Well…
When you find someone blocking your driveway, you should also consider the fact that by NOT having that car towed, you’re encouraging that driver to potentially block other driveways too. When someone parks in front of private driveways, but they never get a ticket or they never get towed, why would they suddenly decide to stop parking there? Most drivers don’t do this maliciously of course, but parking isn’t cheap in NYC, and some drivers might take advantage. Don’t allow those drivers to keep taking up illegal spaces in our city. Give our experts here at Jets Towing a call today and “free up that blocked driveway of yours NOW!”