6 Things to Do Before Getting Your Vehicle Towed

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Light Duty Towing And Recovery

In life, we always try to keep ourselves and our loved ones protected, and safe. There are things which are beyond our control such as car accidents. Once your vehicle has been in a collision, it is no longer safe for driving, You just want that the vehicle should be towed from the repair shop safely. Certain towing companies can provide light duty towing and recovery for you. However, before you get your vehicle towed to the nearest repair center, perform these steps.

  • Call your insurance company: Call your insurance agent and take advice from him regarding various insurance rates. Make sure that the car repair doesn’t get delayed. Get in touch with your insurance provider and tow your vehicle properly.
  • Prepare the vehicle for towing: Before your vehicle starts moving to try to take pictures of the damages that have taken place. Remove all the valuable items and hand it over to light duty towing roadside assistance.
  • Hire a reputed towing company: You have purchased the vehicle with your hard-earned money and don’t want further damage to it. It would be best to hire a reputed light duty towing and recovery services at the time of distress. Take recommendations from your family and friends instead of hiring anyone for doing the job. A reputed company will perform every task with precision at nominal prices.
  • Inform the driver where you want to drop off the Vehicle: You can either tow them to the repair facility recommended by the insurance company or to the repair company of your own choice. It is your right to decide where you want to take your vehicle. Don’t allow the towing service to tow the car anywhere unless the police direct them so.
  • Get the job done at affordable prices: Make sure that the price quoted to you is reasonable. All the hidden charges must be mentioned by the company instead of surprising you with the towing bill. Ask the company rates beforehand and hire the company that matches your budget requirements. It’s best to hire Light Duty Towing Roadside Assistance at the time of distress from a reputed company.
  • Keep the receipt and paperwork: Keep a copy of the receipt and paperwork given by the towing company. You can hand it over to the insurance company and get the reimbursement for all the expenses incurred to you.


Keep these tips in mind before hiring towing service. Take help from professionals providing light duty towing and recovery services. All you want is to tow the car to the safest place where it can be repaired. There is nothing better than a reliable and reputed company at the time of distress.