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With changing seasons, it is very important to keep the car in the working condition. Whether it gets hot or cold, it is important that your car is ready for all kinds of situations. Cars are delicate piece of machinery that needs to be pampered and taken care of. Exposed to the changing weather, cars need to be taken care of.

The January brings in the chill. The cold atmosphere can play havoc with the car mechanics. From battery to the tire pressure and engine mechanics, keep the car system in check along with making sure that you have car roadside assistance in check. Our roadside assistance service makes sure you are safe if you get stranded on the side of a road. We offer emergency fuel, locksmith, jumpstarting, towing and more.

Here are some ways to keep your car in the top condition during summers as well as winters:

Car service

Start the new season with getting your car serviced. Get the oil changed and engine serviced. This will make sure that your car runs smoothly throughout the season. Having your car serviced in the beginning of season removes all the problems that weather can make worse. Make sure the fuel tank is checked and kept full to make sure there is no icing on the fuel lines.

Check the tires

A worn tire can make your car a risk on the road — for you and other people who are traveling. Winter brings in bad weather, snow, rain, black ice and more. A worn tire tread can lead to accidents, skiddings, injuries and huge financial liabilities.

No cracks and chips in the windshield or windows

The extreme cold weather can lead to chips and cracks in the winds and windshield. The cold can even make the existing chips bigger. This damage leads to huge replacement changes. If the windows are not sealed properly, the engine will work harder to heat the inside of the car. This will also make your engine take in more gas and increase the expenses.

Oil Check

The cold weather makes the engine oil thicken. While the oil does not freeze, the thickened oil disrupts the flow. The disruption strains the engine and makes it work harder. While the majority of oils come with anti-thickening agents added, make sure you check with your mechanic regarding that.

Emergency kits

Keep the emergency things such as first aid kits, extra blanket, extra clothing, gloves, phone charger and extra charged phone battery. You can save money and fuel by following these tips. You will also be able to save on auto insurance.

With these tips, you can keep your car running in the top condition and lessen the expenses. These problems occur more with the used cars. So, make sure that you have a used car roadside assistance service in your car. Want to get roadside assistance services subscription? Contact Jets Towing. They are renowned 24-hour emergency service in New York City and nearby boroughs.