Why is it necessary to keep an eye out for worn tires?

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Majority of people don’t give much thought to the tires. From occasional checking the air to making sure that we don’t have the flat, we just do enough regarding the tires. However, not properly taking care of the tires can leave you stranded on the side of the road. It is thus, necessary that you always keep an eye on your tires and take good care of them.

In field, our towing experts have seen that the majority of clients are stranded due to flat tires. If you ever hear a screech or a popping sound from your tires, it is for the best that you replace them. Worn out tire are not only just an inconvenience, they are a hazard. They will take toll on your driving, make driving hard for you, even with a power steering and will also make you a risk on the road.

A worn out tire could burst anytime on the road and cause severe injuries. One of the most common accidents that happens due to worn out tires is unbalanced vehicles. If you feel that your car is moving with a lurch or you feel that it is off balance, the best thing you can do for your safety and others is to stop the car on the side of the road and call our towing experts.

Signs of bad tires

Along with unbalanced vehicles and worn out tire treads, there are a few tests through which you can know whether your tire is worn out or not. If the tire is worn, you should replace it as soon as possible.

Tire Penny Tread Test:

One of the best ways to check tire treads is to grab a penny and inspect the treads with it. Place th penny in the center of the tread with head facing up. If you can see the Abe Lincoln’s head, the tire needs to be replaced. If you do not see the the Abe Lincoln’s head, then your tires are good to go. To ensure that your tires are in best condition. Do the penny test at least once a month. This would help you keep a tab on your tires’ health.

Inspect Tires:

Regular inspection of the tires is something that is often overlooked. Try and have a few extra minutes to check the tires. If your tires do not have any signs of wear and tear, they are good to go. However, if you see any adjoining bars between the treads, you might need to inspect closely. Tires often pick up foreign objects that can also affect their health. If you find a foreign object, try to take your car to the service station rather than picking it our yourself.

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