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Low Boy Service

What are lowboy trailers?

The low boy trailers are used to transport the machinery or equipment. The lowboy service hauls the equipment or machinery that is able to move on its own accord. This allows the machinery to be easily driven and delivered. The low boy trailers are also known as low-beds, low loader or double drop. It is basically a semi-trailer with a drop deck.

There are two drops on the lowboy trailer, The first drop is right after the gooseneck and the second is just before the wheels. The drops in the trailers are designed in such a way that the oversized equipment can be easily hauled and shipped. If you want to haul a big machinery that exceeds the normal limits, a lowboy service is your best bet.

Products you can haul with a lowboy trailer
Equipment such as:
Steel Coils
Military Tanks or various military equipment
Construction Equipment
Any machinery that exceeds the normal limits

The need of flip axle

The lowboy trailers that are a part of lowboy service are always equipped with 3 or more axles along with a flip axle. The 3 or more axles help to disperse the weight of the heavier loads. Some lowboy services use flip axle as an add-on. This can be flip down, flip up, laid on the rear deck or can be used to create an extra axle. The flip axle provides the functionality of a stinger which is a detachable axle in the rear of the trailer.

Lowboy service cargo control

The cargo control measures are extremely important as they ensure that your cargo arrives safely. Make sure that the lowboy services you hire follow these options:

Sliding Winch Nylon Straps
Pipe Spools
Lift/Tie Down Locational Devices (for military applications)
4-way chain slot center strip
Flush Mount D Rings
Stake Pockets
Recessed Mount D Rings
Rub Rail
Twist Locks

Low boy Transport Service

Must have features of the lowboy service

Ability to travel long distances
The lowboy service you hired should be able to haul your cargo from long distances.

Experience with various types of cargo delivery
While hiring a certain lowboy service company, make calls regarding them. Ask them about their experience. Get referrals and talk to their clients.

Additional add-on axles to withstand weight and capacity
Check out the lowboy fleet and ask them about the add-on axles they keep. Make sure they have a fleet that includes advanced lowboys and tow trucks to help out.

Safety of cargo and commitment to safe and quick delivery
Your lowboy service company should be able to make the promise of delivering the cargo safe and quickly. They should also assure that the equipment will arrive in the same condition they are sent in.

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