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Heavy Duty Towing

It’s frustrating when you drive on a highway or a busy road, and your alternator won’t turn over or your heavy-duty vehicle suddenly breaks down. It can certainly bring down your mood and make you late for the job you were hired to do. The anxiety of not being able to reach your destination on time is the worst feeling. During such emergencies, you need reliable heavy duty towing and recovery services. So, if you get stranded on the road and need immediate roadside assistance, Jets Towing can help you out. We provide emergency heavy duty towing service assistance in the New York area.

Emergency assistance for heavy duty towing and recovery

A vehicle breakdown can happen anywhere. When you face an emergency breakdown and need on the spot assistance, Jets Towing technicians will be there for immediate assistance. Our technicians can resolve many issues on the spot.

On the spot assistance

Jets Towing technicians can assist you with the following issues:

  1. Flat tire: A flat tire can happen due to weather conditions, a nail or some sharp object on the road, or any other reason. Our expert technicians can replace it with the spare tire if your vehicle needs a flare tire replacement. Jets Towing’s quick and affordable roadside assistance will get you on the road in no time, without any problems.
  2. Drained/dead Battery: If you are on the road and suddenly the vehicle stops due to a drained or dead battery, our roadside assistant technicians can replace the battery or jumpstart the vehicle. Our technicians will ensure you can get to your destination without significant delays.
  3. Auto-locked doors: Accidentally left the keys inside the vehicle and the doors auto-locked? It can happen to any of us. There’s no need to panic. Jets Towing technicians can help you unlock your vehicle’s doors or windows securely and safely retrieve the keys.
  4. Empty gas tank: Sometimes we try to get to our destination without refueling, thinking if it’s a small distance, it will be alright. But sometimes, we miscalculate and can run out of gas midway to our destination. If that happened to you, Jets Towing could help you get refueled until you reach the next gas station.


If your vehicle unexpectedly breaks down, Jets Towing is available for emergency roadside assistance anytime, anywhere. We are prepared to handle any heavy-duty towing, so whatever issue you are facing, we can get you back on the road. Our heavy duty towing and recovery services are available 24/7 in New York. So, whenever you need tow truck services, just call (718) 251-7200, and our professional technicians will be there right away.