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Vehicles are machines, and just like other machines, they can experience breakdowns, without giving any prior warning. Light duty towing roadside assistance can be the savior in such situations. Here are numerous problems and situations where light-duty towing and roadside assistance may help you.

Different Towing Trucks- Before going further, let’s discuss various types of trucks that are used to tow different vehicles.

Medium Duty Towing- Medium-duty trucks are used to tow the vehicles having a low weight such as small trucks and vans. These trucks enable you to transport the vehicle to a nearby service station.

Light Duty Towing roadside assistance- They can assist you in problems like battery drain, out of gas and much more. Sometimes when you are stuck in a situation where your vehicle breaks down, you can always call light-duty towing trucks in this situation.

Light Duty Towing Roadside Assistance Winch-outs- It is very difficult to push a vehicle out of mud, ditch or snow- with the car rolling backward, towards you. The towing companies have winches which can pull your vehicle out of that ditch, snow area or muddy ground.

Heavy Duty Towing trucks- This type of trucks are used to tow or relocate the heavy industrial machinery or construction machines. These are also used to provide roadside assistance in case of flat tires or accidents.

Different situations where You need Roadside Assistance-

Flat Tires-

A flat tire is one of the common problems which is experienced by most of the people. Whether you are in the hot part of the country or in the snow area, flat tires are a common issue. The main cause of this problem is less or excess air pressure in the car tires. In this case, the roadside assistance services can help you to get out of this situation.

Out of Fuel-

This situation may occur when you leave the house in a hurry for a meeting or for an event without checking the fuel meter. Fuel can be petrol, diesel, or gas. The fuel delivery is a common service offered by roadside assistance in which one of the technicians will simply drive to your location and refill your fuel tank.


The roadside assistance service provider can help you when you get locked outside the car. This situation happens when you forget your car key in the car itself. In this situation, Jets towing is a well-experienced company that will arrive directly at your place and gets your vehicle unlocked immediately.

Jump-Starting/ Battery Drain-

Sometimes you are unable to start your vehicle because of battery problems. Roadside assistance is an excellent solution to get a jumpstart and get you back on the road. But if your vehicle requires multiple jumpstarts, the problem could be a battery drain. In that case replacement of the battery is the only solution.

When stuck in such situations, it is advisable to get in touch with a reliable company providing Light-duty towing & roadside assistance. When a vehicle mishap occurs, never feel stranded, just give a call to Jets Towing and get your vehicles going!