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Every day we hear in the news about the truck accidents or big 18 wheelers breaking down. When these big trucks break down, they create a traffic jam which takes hours to clear out. In such cases, the only towing equipment that can help is the rotator services. At Jets Towing, we have a wide array of the rotator towing services in NY that can be used across the New York state and highways to remove big trucks and crippled cars from the roads. Our rotator services experts are trained in providing efficient services and it is no surprise that due to equipment and trained experts we are recognized as one of the leading rotator and towing services in NY.

rotator towing services

What Is Rotator Tow Truck?
A rotator tow truck is one of the biggest and largest tow truck in our fleet. The rotator trucks belong to the family of the “boom” trucks. There are as many as ten varieties of the rotator trucks are present in the “boom” trucks category. A few heavy duty trucks have fixed boom and other trucks have a part that pivot. The rotator tow trucks are called for when the vehicles especially the big and heavy ones are stuck in an embankment or ditch.

Why Rotator Tow Truck Have Preferred To Tow The Huge Vehicle?
The reason behind the preference of the rotator trucks is the arm of the rotator trucks that can extend not only in height but can also rotate 360 degrees to get the crippled vehicle out of a ditch. The capacity of the rotator trucks is also 70 tons which makes them one of the most trusted trucks in the towing industry.
Other features of the rotators ensure that the vehicles are towed without any damage. Our rotator trucks are equipped with rubber mats that make easy for our experts to tow the vehicles through the axle. Our trucks are also equipped with rubber belts and slings that ensure that the vehicles can easily be secured when the vehicles are in motion.

Common Rotator Tow Truck Services:

Accident Situations – One of the most frequent situations where our rotator services are called for are the accidents on the highways. As the rotator trucks are equipped with proper equipment, they are perfect vehicles to move any vehicles that are too big or heavy for other kinds of tow trucks. They are the only tow trucks with a strength to lift anything heavy.
The rotators are also a great help on the accidents scenes where the vehicles have turned and need to be set upright to help the injured parties.

Non-Accident Situation – Rotators are also used in other cases such as roadblocks and snarl traffic. During the storm season, the rotators are called upon to clear the fallen trees and other large objects from the roads.
Our rotator trucks are also used to remove vehicles out of the way when they are impounded by the law or are improperly impounded.

At Jets Towing, our large fleet of tow trucks can easily come to your aid in whole New York state. As a leading company for rotator and towing services in NY, we understand the needs of roadside assistance, towing and recovery, and more.