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Did someone park in your driveway again?
Isn’t it one of the most frustrating events to ever come across? It is indeed!

Blocked driveways are irritating. And let’s not forget about the amount of time it takes to clear up your driveway so you can get your vehicle in or out. People park their vehicles in driveways in a jiffy making it congested and difficult for other commuters to use their driveway. It is a situation in which a vehicle might get stuck between two more vehicles or a vehicle parked in front of commercial property as well as a residential property obstructing its entrance. Blocking a driveway is an illegal activity. You can be charged with a hefty fine if the owner of the driveway files for a complaint. The driveway owner can also call for blocked driveway towing services in NYC. It is thus best to park your vehicle in designated parking lots.

Below mentioned are the most effective ways to prevent someone from parking in your driveway.

1. Direct Confrontation: This means that you can go directly up to the owner of the wrongfully parked vehicle and confront them. You can simply ask them to remove their vehicles from your driveway as it’s causing inconvenience. In case the driver is unknown, you can leave a sticky note on their windshield asking them to refrain from parking their vehicles in your driveway in the future.
2. Signages: You can install a signboard in your driveway saying “no parking”. This will intimidate the vehicle owner and he/she will know that they cannot park their vehicle in this driveway. You can also install warning signs telling that if any vehicle if found parked wrongfully in the driveway, it will be towed at the owner’s expense or liable action will be taken.
3. Call A Towing Company: If you are in a hurry and the driveway is blocked by another vehicle, you can call the blocked driveway towing in NYC. The towing company will immediately tow the vehicle and clear up the driveway.
4. Call The Police Authorities: You can also call the police authorities to get the wrongfully parked vehicle towed. The police authorities will ticket the car with a certain amount of fine. But remember, in such a case you will not be able to call the blocked driveway towing services for assistance.

The best way of tackling the situation of a blocked driveway immediately is to call blocked driveway towing services. You can also file a complaint with the police to take action and prevent such a situation from happening again.

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