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Car breakdowns can happen anytime and anywhere. You might end up stranded in the middle of an empty road, side of a busy street or even on the way to work. These breakdowns can happen for numerous reasons. It can be a dead battery, mechanical fault, fuel leakage or accident. In such times, it is necessary to have the number of roadside assistance services on your phone.

What is roadside assistance?

The roadside assistance is a protection and assistance service that helps during car breakdown. With roadside assistance service, the help is just a call away. Along with getting your car to the mechanic shop, there are other roadside assistance services that various companies offer. The majority of roadside assistance companies offer services:

Spare tire
Emergency fuel

How to stay safe?

If you are alone and waiting for the roadside assistance, it is important that you stay safe. The roads are not a safe place and rash drivers can hit your stationary vehicle.

Park as far to left and try that it is the safest place to pull over

Check traffic before getting out of the car

Turn your parking lights on or your hazard lights depending on the visibility.

Do not stand on the road. Stay on the roadside or behind the safety barriers.

If it is not safe to be out. Stay in your vehicle with the seatbelt fastened.

Call roadside assistance services. Make sure you follow their instructions and do what the advise.

Stay vigilant. It is important that you are aware of your surroundings. This will keep you and other people safe.

What to do if your car broke down in a tunnel?

If your car broke down inside a tunnel, make sure you turn on your hazard or parking lights. The majority of tunnels are monitored by the roadside assistance services and the help will come quick. Nonetheless, do not get out of the car. Stay inside with seatbelt fastened.

What to do if you are a new driver?

Make sure you wear your seatbelt while driving
Do not drink and drive
Texting while driving is a big no. It will put you and other people in harm’s way
Stay in the speed limit.
Keep the number of passengers limited
Do not drive at night, if you don’t have the experience
Use your voice not violence when someone else is driving rashly. Do not participate in road rash.
Call roadside assistance services if you need help

The roadside assistance services are present to help the drivers across the country to stay safe. Once you call and give them your locations, they quickly reach the designated spot. Want to subscribe to an assistance service in New York? Contact Jets Towing. They are renowned 24-hour emergency service in the state of New York.