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Have you ever been stuck in a vehicle lockout situation? If yes, then you would know how frustrating and dangerous the situation is. There are many causes that can put you in such precarious situations. If you own a vehicle, you must get yourself acquainted with all the car lockout scenarios, so that you can take measures to prevent them or deal with them effectively.

Let’s learn about some of the common vehicle lockout scenarios, and we’ll also explain how to deal with each one of them. After all, at Jets Towing, we are here to help with vehicle lockouts in Brooklyn, New York by offering reliable services.

Key lost at home – We, as humans, have to deal with numerous things at home. As a result, we misplace many essential things such as car keys. It is one of the hardest tasks to find your keys at home, especially when you’re already having a slow morning or had a late night. The frustration skyrockets the moment you realize you’ve misplaced your keys somewhere. There is definitely a way to deal with the panic that takes over you in such a situation. So take a deep breath, and immediately call a tow truck company that offers car lockout services to take you out from this miserable situation.

Locked your keys inside the car – Another major lockout scenario is when you lock your keys inside the car. For example, you’re driving back home, and while on the way you suddenly remember to buy few things for your home. You stop the car to head out to a local store without realizing that you’ve locked your keys in the car. Once you come back and put your hand in the pocket to take out the keys, and there you see – keys looking at you from the other side of the door.
Don’t waste your time waiting miserably for any help, instead, call towing and roadside assistance for lockout services.

Besides these, there are other car lockout scenarios, including losing your car keys in the office and breaking your key in the lock.

So now you’re familiar with the common vehicle lockout scenarios, the next thing is to know the tips to avoid the car lockouts. Read further!

Always carry a spare key – A spare is always your first line of defense whenever you find yourself stuck in a lockout situation. It is not only handy but also accessible that you can grab and go.

Multiple copies of a car key – Having multiple copies within a convenient reach is another way to ensure that you can easily deal with a car lockout situation.

Handover a spare key to a trustable person – Another good idea to avoid car lockouts is to give your spare key to someone you trust, so that you can use it during a car lockout situation.

Car lockouts are not only frustrating but also time-consuming situations. There are several measures to avoid lockouts, but if you do find yourself in such situations, call us – Jet Towing – (718) 251 7200. We are the leading tow truck and roadside assistance company that offers car lockouts in Brooklyn.