Different Types Of Commercial Vehicles That Can Be Towed By Heavy Duty Tow Truck

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The break down of the heavy vehicles can be disruptive to the business. Commercial Vehicles, tractors trailers, and other vehicles require immediate attention. However, not all repair places offer heavy duty towing and recovery along with immediate roadside attention. The majority of heavy vehicles drivers do not even know the services provided.

Our heavy duty tow trucks have the ability to handle huge loads and with the right equipment, they can tow the big commercial vehicles to the right place. The heavy duty tow trucks are equipped for extreme stability, extra pulling ability, and its rotation capacity. Unlike the smaller tow trucks, the heavy-duty trucks have the much better ability to stay stable while handling the larger loads.

Heavy Duty Towing And Recovery

Which Vehicles Can Heavy Duty Tow Trucks Tow?
The heavy duty tow trucks at Jets Towing have big engines with longer and wider chassis. This feature gives the tow truck a solid stance. Being the tow trucks they are outfitted with hooks, winches, and extendable hydraulic lifts. They are furnished to lift more than 25,000 pounds. Here are a few commercial vehicles that our heavy duty tow trucks are capable of towing:

Tractor Trailers – The tractor trailers are huge commercial vehicles. A simple breakdown can lead to the tractor getting disengaged and serious accidents can lead to overturning. Our experienced tow truck drivers are able to use the trucks to pull the tractor trailers out using the right angles. The cables can keep the vehicle uptight and on the solid ground. Once the tractor trailers are rightly separated, they can be easily towed to safety.

Straight Trucks – Another vehicle that can be towed using the heavy-duty tow trucks is the straight trucks. The straight trucks have a 12 feet beds which are not a problem with our state of the art equipped tow trucks. If the trucks cannot be towed with their load, then the load will be unloaded and then the truck will be hauled away.

Bus or Recreational Vehicle – Recreational or buses are another vehicles that our tow vehicles can easily recover. The length and the weight of the vehicle decide what kind of equipment do our tow trucks require. Towing an overturned bus requires the same skills as recovering the tractor trailers.

As the leading heavy duty towing and recovery in NYC, we are available to help the drivers across the state to stay safe. Want to subscribe to our service in New York? Contact Jets Towing Inc.