Blocked Driveway Problems: How To Prevent it?

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Imagine yourself stuck in a situation where you are in a hurry, you step out of the house only to find that your driveway has been blocked by an unknown vehicle.

Fretting much? Well, we’ve all been there!

But are you aware of the fact that there are ways of getting your blocked driveway cleared so you can get back on the road? Yes! All you have to do is contact the blocked driveway towing services in NY and get the wrongfully parked vehicle towed.

Below we have mentioned 5 ways that you can adopt whenever you find yourself stuck with a blocked driveway situation.

1. Talk to the owner of the wrongfully parked vehicle directly: Be polite. You can talk to the owner of the unknown vehicle and ask them to vacate your driveway. This works for 80% of the population. You can also leave a note on the vehicle’s window.

2. Get security cameras installed in the parking lot: To avoid the situation of a blocked driveway, you can install security cameras in the driveway so you know whenever somebody wrongfully parks their vehicle.

3. Make use of parking signage: This is another great way of preventing people from wrongfully parking their vehicle in your driveway. You can install “no parking here” signages.

4. Contact blocked driveway towing services: If none of the above mentioned solutions work, then the best way out is to contact a blocked driveway towing service. They will tow the wrongfully parked vehicle for you.

Apart from these, there are various other methods that you can use to keep trespassers at bay. You can draw a line using paint to mark the parking lot and ensure that nobody parks their vehicle on your property. You can also report to the police in order to get the unknown vehicle towed.

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